Corporate Office: 989 North Seneca Drive

Mail: P.O. Box 610  Trinity, AL 35673

Office Phone: 256-301-9732

Fax: 256-301-9734

SPJ General Contractors Inc

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Steve Pace,  President

     •  11 Years with SP&J

     •  25 Years Experience in Process Construction

  Lance Pace, Project Mgr./Operations Mgr.

      lance@spj1.com • 10 Years with SP&J

       • 10 Years Experience in Industrial Maintenance civil & structural  

     Certifications in OSHA, Plant outages Industrial Maintenance, Rigging,  

     Equipment Setting.  Specializing in Process Pipe Fabrication and  

     Installation, Plant Outages, and Mechanical Installation.

Dan Elkins, Project Mgr./Operations Mgr.

     dan@spj1.com •  3 Years with SP&J

     •  15 Years Experience in Civil Construction

     Bachelor's Degree from Kansas State University in Construction

     Management, Minor in Business & Accounting

     10 Years Experience in Managing Multi-Million Dollar Design–Build

     Plant Expansions, Renovations, & Green Field Construction Projects

     Experience in Manufacturing, Food Processing, and Energy Sector

     Experience Working with Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, Civil, &

     Process Engineers in Design & Construction

Tom Bayne, Safety Director

     tbayne@spj1.com •  6 Years with SP&J

     Treasury Secretary in the North Alabama Chapter of the American

     Society of Safety Engineers, Degrees from Calhoun College, Athens

     State University, Certification in Construction Safety and Health

     Management from University of Alabama

     Currently Enrolled in University of Alabama Birmingham's Masters

     Engineering Program and Troy Universities Master Justice Studies

     Program, Authorized OSHA Trainer Along with Teach Credentials for

     First Aid, CPR, AED

     Alongside of His Professional Career Mr. Bayne has also been

     Extensively Involved with Drug & Alcohol Counseling and has

     Taught Intensive Certified Drug & Alcohol Intervention Classes

Dennis Shea III, Project Mgr./Estimator

     dennis@spj1.com •  2 Years with SP&J

     •  18 Years Experience in Industrial Maintenance/Construction

     Focus in Plant Outages, Plant Maintenance, Equipment Setting,

     Process Piping, Fabrication, and General Construction

     Specializes in Automotive Industries, Degree in Automated

     Manufacturing, Certificates in OSHA, AED, Robotics, PLC's

     Involved in Multi-Million Dollar Plant Expansions

Lynn Corum, Project Mgr./Estimator

    lynn@spj.com •  9 Years with SP&J

     •  20 Years Experience in Structural Steel Fabrication/Erection,

        Process Pipe Fabrication & Installation

     •  10 Years Experience On-Site Supervisor over Multiple Crews

        Performing Various Tasks from Civil Construction to Process


     Certifications OSHA, Industrial Maintenance, Rigging & Equipment


Terry Wright, Project Mgr./Estimator

    terry@spj1.com •  6 Years with SP&J

     •  40 Years Experience in Industrial Maintenance/Construction

        Specializing in Large Equipment Transportation, Setting, and


     •  26 Years Experience On-Site Supervisor During Plant Outages,

        Large Scale Expansions, and Building Renovations

Shirley Eddy, Purchasing Manager

     •  1 Year with SP&J

     •  48 Years Experience in Construction and Transportation

     •  11 Years Experience as Fleet Mgr./Tool Mgr./Purchasing Mgr.

Abby Pace, Office Administrator

    abby@spj1.com •  2 Years with SP&J

Lakin Pace Hood, Controller

    lakin@spj1.com  •  3 Years with SP&J




Logan Bradford, Secretary

    logan@spj1.com  •  2 Years with SP&J